ART Power HK: Celebrating the Arts in Hong Kong
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ART has the power to stimulate, galvanize, unite and create positive change.

Power implies influence, authority, command, poise and impact – all of which describe Hong Kong’s art scene.

HK’s can-do attitude and resilience is encompassed in all facets of this campaign.

COLLABORATIVE campaign for the arts

ART Power HK is a non-commercial, community-wide campaign developed in response to Covid-19. Grown organically through a desire to celebrate Hong Kong’s diverse arts scene, it represents the power of collaboration to drive positive energy and confidence for Hong Kong’s vibrant, strong and prosperous art scene.

Representing over 150 partners from across the arts ecosystem, the campaign congregates and amplifies the initiatives of locally-based arts organisations, institutions and businesses. It is a portal dedicated to championing the development of the local arts community and has a strong focus on local artists and art initiatives.

It is also an opportunity to fast track digital innovation and showcase how conversations that engage and excite can be delivered both online and offline, thereby highlighting Hong Kong’s global leadership across multiple industries and conversations in the areas of art, tech, business and sustainability.

ART Power HK underscores that the arts in Hong Kong are open, active and resilient.

CONNECTING with local & global audiences

ART Power HK gives Hong Kong art lovers and global supporters unique access to arts programming, content and the latest activations from across Hong Kong’s arts community.

With a powerful content strategy, interactive digital platform and engaging social media channels, the audience can engage through multiple formats - from artist videos, talks and virtual tours to interactive workshops.

This allows a wide local and international audience to participate digitally with Hong Kong arts institutions, organisations and businesses, during a time when physical in-person activations and travel are restricted.

COMMUNITY-focused mission

  • Arts and culture is an essential foundation of a robust and creative society and economy – ART Power HK provides positive conversations and content at a time when we need the arts more than ever.

  • Unite the Hong Kong arts community and highlight that the local arts ecosystem is open, active and resilient. As a non-biased, non-commercial arts platform, all arts organisations and institutions are equally represented, putting the spotlight on the arts and cultural infrastructure of Hong Kong as a united whole, while giving opportunity to organisations that do not have the resources for marketing campaigns themselves.

  • Support and amplify the ongoing initiatives of the local arts community, and be a catalyst for collaboration, facilitating connections between Partners and the wider community.

  • Shine the spotlight on Hong Kong artists at all levels – from young talent to international success stories.

  • Be agile, responding to the needs of the local arts community which it was formed to serve.

ART Power HK was conceived in Feb 2020 in response to the impact of Covid-19 on Hong Kong’s annual art month of March. The original idea was a four-month campaign to maintain momentum for the arts by bringing the community online until we could activate physically, aiming for an events programme in May.

As Covid-19 became a global pandemic with a much larger impact than could have been imagined, the campaign adapted to offer a much deeper response and longer commitment. With the same purpose and values upon which it was established, ART Power HK extended its digital Platform through to June 2021.

The adapted campaign will focus solely on the development of the digital platform, curating content, hosting online conversations, and amplifying the initiatives of Partners and the local art community. To limit uncertainties in an already uncertain world, ART Power HK will no longer endeavor to align an “art moment” in 2020 – however we continue to support all Partners as they host their own events, exhibitions and activations.

Not-for-profit, supported by crowdfunding

To ensure ART Power HK remains neutral and welcoming to all, the campaign relies on supporters from the public and private sectors to fund the campaign, rather than a sponsorship program. Our crowdfunding efforts are facilitated by the NGO Asia Society Hong Kong Center.

Funds raised will cover the costs of the campaign, including digital infrastructure; content creation and curation; social media engagement; community engagement; design, print and production; project management; and talks programs. The more funds we can generate, the further we can enhance and amplify the campaign. We look to work with Hong Kong companies within our creative industries to deliver the campaign.

We are grateful for the generous donations received to date. Contributors are acknowledging on the Platform and tax receipts are available.


ART Power HK invites and welcomes all stakeholders in Hong Kong’s art ecosystem to join the #ARTpowerHK movement to show our united strength, inspire confidence and encourage participation for arts locally. Partners are not sponsors, and it requires no financial contribution to become a Partner of ART Power HK. All Partners are considered equal, and will be offered equal presence within ART Power HK Platform & channels, based on their content contributions.

Hosting Partner

Asia Society Hong Kong Center provides the financial backbone to the campaign. With a renowned NGO as Hosting Partner, we are able to utlise their strong financial credibility to manage all monetary aspects from funding and crowdfunding to auditing. ASHK provides the bank account, manages all financial transactions and the campaign will be audited annually within their current infrastructure.

Working Group

  • Alexandra Seno, Asia Art Archive

  • Catherine Kwai, Kwai Fung Hin

  • Elaine Kwok, Christie’s

  • Georgina Hilton, Christie’s

  • Katie de Tilly, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

  • Kiri Sinclair, Sinclair

  • Levina Li-Cadman, Art Partners

  • Rosanna Herries, Sinclair Arts

  • S. Alice Mong, Asia Society Hong Kong Center


The views, opinions expressed and content published on this Platform are provided by our Partners and speakers and do not reflect or represent the views or opinions of ART Power HK, its organisers or the Working Group.

Because Hong Kong deserves its art moment
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