13a New Street Art Gallery presents Mr.Likey [MELT LIKE DALI] Solo Exhibition
May 4, 2021

13a New Street Art Gallery presents

Mr.Likey「MELT LIKE DALI」Solo Exhibition
Exhibition Date:
29 April- 16 May 2021 (closed on Mondays)
Venue: 13a New Street Art Gallery, G/F, 13a New Street, Sheung Wan

Contemporary Artist Mr.Likey from New York keen on playing with the concept of painting within a painting. Mr.Likey displays his signature style of blending street art aesthetics with cartoon and playful elements in this collection. These unique art pieces comprised a mix of cartoon characters. With the worldview from different background, showing audiences to feel the beautiful implication with cultural symbolic meaning behind it and create mutual harmony.


The theme of this exhibition "Melt like Dali", apart from combining different characters with Mr.Likey elements. This time Mr.Likey take his artwork to the next level and combines different signature elements of famous artworks. Just like Dali ‘s famous artwork - “The Melting Clock” , Mr Likey “melted” all the motifs & elements, and recreated the well-known painting in his own way. Endued paintings to have multiple meanings, and give all these artwork with another in-depth interpretations. Contemporary art usually uses a lot of fun characters and cultural concept, like the popular “Basquiat Mouse” Collection from last year, the whole series are sold out in both Hong Kong & Taiwan exhibitions. This year Mr.Likey brings a new series of the collection, that all fans definitely cannot miss it!


Another spotlight of this exhibition is the “Basketball Card” which inspired from the sky high auction price of the “Michael Jordan Classic NBA Card ''. With the viral of the news, that draws Mr.Likey attention to create a piece that can recollect the legacy of Michael Jordan. 

Exhibition Highlight:

Mr.Likey launched his first Art Toy “GUMBI BEAR” last year, and the Red Colour sold out immediately, this time, he launched the Yellow version, selling at 13a New Street Art Gallery for the first launch. Mr.Likey will also be showing up at the exhibition and surprise his fans from time to time! And there will be at Art Toy Signing Session on 8/5 afternoon, please stay updated with his social media for further announcement!

Media Enquiry:

Ruby Fung Tel:  91927013 Email: 
Crystal Yam Tel: 94600046 Email: 


ABOUT Mr.Likey

Growing up in the United States, Mr. Likey received his Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of the Arts and his work was awarded the 「Gold Key Art Award」. Influenced by cartoons and street culture in the US, Mr. Likey is famous for his exceptional ability to recreate new art pieces with pop cultural symbols. Mr. Likey has participated in numerous exhibitions in New York, Melbourne, and Shanghai. He also did his solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Taipei and Philippines before. More than that, he was invited to be the artist featuring in Shanghai’s <Innersect> expo and has his own column in KIKS magazine.

Instagram: @mr.likey


High-end art-printing brand notio focuses on collaborations with art houses and parties interested in art,and aim to create high quality art products at affordable price, and curate limited editions of Art Prints, and blend art into life.

Instagram: @Notio.Studio
Facebook: @Notio.Studio

ABOUT 13a New Street Art Gallery

13a New Street Art Gallery is formed by a group of young and ebullient artists, designers and creators with manufacturing experiences aiming to create a community-focused backdrop to support the local creative community and the community at large via ARTS! Let’s speak ARTS!

13A New Street Art Gallery aims to support all local and international artists by hosting exhibitions, lectures and workshops, introducing diverse range of art works to the community.

Instagram: @13aNewStreet

Facebook: @13aNewStreet 

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