「DARE TO BE YOU! DARE TO DREAM!」Group Exhibition
February 4, 2021

Exhibition Dates: 29 Jan 2021 - 21 FEB 2021
(Closed on Mondays & CNY public holidays)
Venue: 13a New Street Art Gallery, G/f, 13a New Street, Sheung Wan.

In 2020, we are wishing the pandemic can be over quickly and at the same time, we learn to hold on to our vision - To hold on to our position, to hold on to our style, to pursue our dreams, and to empower our lives.

“To Be Creative!”​ is something that artists longing for, is the fantasy land for them, it take ultimate focus and enthusiasm to create all the unique art pieces. 13a New Street Art Gallery aims to present bespoke, innovative, collaborative art exhibits. And to enhance creative development for local and international artists, fashion & beauty brands and businesses.

“DARE TO BE YOU! DARE TO DREAM!​” Group Exhibition will be emerging artists from 6 different places around the world, ​Arol (Spain), Miloza Ma (Hong Kong), Rainbo (China), ​Mr. Likey (USA), Mizuki Nishiyama​ (Japan), ​Toys Pottery (Japan) and 2CHOEY (Thailand). ​Showing various media of art pieces, with 18 paintings, 10 limited edition Art Prints, 5 Art Toys, 2 Sculptures and a series of affordable lifestyle products.


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