Videotage presents "Digital Birth: Zooming in on NFT"
May 10, 2021

For the coming edition of Art Basel Hong Kong, Videotage presents Digital Birth: Zooming in on NFT - a screening and discussion program about Non-fungible Token(NFT) by focusing on the work of four Hong Kong digital-native media artists including Chan Ka Kiu, Isaac Chong, Vvzela Kook and Peter Nelson. Curated by Kyle Chung and Angel Leung, the program takes place on 23 May 2021 at Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre.

NFT has become the new buzzword in the art scene. While born-digital artworks are replicable, blockchain technology enables these artworks to assume uniqueness. The post-screening discussion delves into the digital materiality of media art in the context of NFT. Each artwork in the screening manifests in video form its unique digital material and virtual space, all minted with the artist’s first NFT.

Artists & Artworks
Peter Nelson - Landscape Tractate (2015)
Vvzela Kook - Gods and Pilgrims (2019)
Chan Ka Kiu - So Warm Inside Me (2018)
Isaac Chong - One Sound of the Futures (2016)

Date: 23/5/2021(Sun)
Time: 11am
Location: Louis Koo Cinema, UB/F, Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Post-Screening Discussion
Date: 23/5/2021(Sun)
Time: 11:35am HKT
Panellists: Kyle Chung (Curator, Hong Kong), Reena Devi (Journalist/Critic Singapore), Scott Fuzion (Founder of NUMOMO, South Korea), Vvzela Kook (Artist, Hong Kong)
Moderator: Angel Leung (Videotage, Hong Kong)

Discussion in English

Webinar Registration:

(Banner Image:  “Gods and Pilgrims” Vvzela Kook. Image courtesy of the artist)

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