Listen to new tracks from diverse musicians in Freespace Mixtape Vol. 3
January 14, 2021

In 2016, Freespace Happening initiated an ongoing series of cross-genre music collaborations designed to inspire musicians to experiment with new compositions and arrangements.

Stepping into a recording studio with new collaborators, the individuals who have taken part in the project were encouraged to take a fresh look at their work, revisiting tracks and exploring new ideas. The result is an exciting, eclectic collection of music that we have brought together on our Freespace Mixtapes.

The third instalment in Freespace Mixtape project features a whopping 23 tracks and 13 groups of talented musicians. Inspired to experiment with new sounds and original compositions and arrangements, these artists push and blur the boundaries between musical genres through collaborations and exploring their musical instincts. The tracks on the collection are influenced by jazz, indie, classical, electronic, hip-hop and more, painting a unique portrait of music created from cross-genre experimentations.

Freespace Mixtape Vol. 3 is now available on major music streaming platforms. Stay tuned for music videos as well.

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