Flowers In The Window: Solo Exhibition by Carmen Ng
February 22, 2021

Exhibition Period

24th February to 31st March 2021


Opening 27th February Saturday, 3-6pm



How Pandemic Influences Our Perception Of Space

Sat 6th March 2:00 - 3:30p.m.



Carmen Ng, artist

Manfred Yuen, co-founder of Groundwork Architects + Associates

Stella Tse, writer, poet and scriptwriter


Karin Weber Gallery is excited to announce the first solo exhibition by Carmen Ng from Hong Kong, our fifth collaboration after a series of joint projects and group exhibitions.

Carmen Ng renders her complex, city-inspired visions in vivid and delightful detail on paper. She captures a world that can only be imagined in dreams. The artist’s meticulously rendered scenes reveal the minutiae of her subjects’ otherworldly existence — no detail or cleverly imagined situation is too small, and rendered in exact detail. In her practice, she demonstrates astonishing control of her preferred medium watercolour.

As Ng recalls, “when we were small, we liked to head to the upper deck when we got on the bus. We were desperate to get the front row seats and excited by the view outside the bus windows. When the weather was bad, condensation turned the windows into canvases. Our fingers were our paint brushes. We made our very first picture and had fun playing noughts and crosses”

Image 1: Carmen Ng, Canvas I, watercolour and coloured pencil on paper, 54 x 38cm, 2020


This has been a tough year for many. But we have also learnt a lot about ourselves. With more time spent at home, we have grown to appreciate our surroundings more, instead of constantly engaging with our phones. Our pleasures may   have become simpler, yet it is us who transform them into wonderful memories.  Ng’s dreamy expressions explore a similar narrative.

Image 2: Carmen Ng, Playground, watercolour and coloured pencil on paper, 53 x 37cm, 2020


Karin Weber Gallery started representing Carmen Ng when she was a fresh graduate from Hong Kong Baptist University back in 2011. We are delighted with the way Carmen’s artistic practice has evolved over the years and expect that ‘Flowers In The Window’ will be the first of many memorable exhibitions in her artistic career.


About the Artist:

Carmen Ng (HK, b.1988) received her BA in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2011. A winner of the Distinguished Print Award at the 29th Hong Kong Print Awards 2017, her works are in the collection of Hang Seng Bank, Procter & Gamble in HK and Guangzhou, China, a HK private education foundation, and a well known private collection in Hong Kong.

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