Ghost Mountain Field - Chop Suey
May 26, 2020

Gallery HZ is delighted to present Ghost Mountain Field’s first solo exhibition with the gallery. Entitled Chop Suey, the exhibition features both the studio works and mural of Ghost Mountain Field. We have invited Lundi, a vintage select store from Hong Kong, who meticulously handpick homeware objects from around the globe to be displayed alongside, echoing the cultural references in Ghost Mountain Field's art. Viewers are invited to immerse in the artist’s unique sense of aesthetic, conceived by his extensive use of secondary and tertiary colours, refined strokes, and juxtaposition of historical heritage with contemporary life. These elements add a playful and distinctive touch to his artistic exploration in culture and identity.  
Ghost Mountain Field (GMF) graduated at the Goldsmiths, University of London. The days living in the UK have ignited his awareness and interest in understanding how cultural heritage is attributed to the formation of a person’s identity. In Eight Horses, he appropriated one of the subjects frequently seen in classic Chinese painting as a horse racing scene with a touch of Japanese manga iconography. Traditionally, horse carries a positive symbolism in Chinese culture, and the theme of Eight Horses (「八駿圖」, meaning “eight fine horses” literally) in Chinese painting embodied auspicious meaning in Feng Shui, which people usually hang it in their homes or offices to wish for success and happiness in life. While for GMF, like many who are born and raised in Hong Kong, horse is associated with horse racing, an activity happening twice a week in the city, where horses are no longer a representation of free spirit but trained for entertainment and gambling purpose. In GMF’s work, we often find him adapting everyday objects from modern life to illustrate the traditional motifs in Chinese culture. Through contrasting traditional motifs with popular culture, the artist attempts to investigate the way we, people living in contemporary society, perceive art and imagery from our cultural heritage. Do we see these cultural references in its authentic form, or we learn it through their variations or hybridisations presented in popular culture?  
To GMF, artmaking is a way to scrutinize the development of his own cultural identity. Viewers may find some parts of his visual language resonate more and some less. “Chop Suey” is both a characteristic of his art and the formation of our cultural identity. It has never been easier to gain access to foreign cultures in an era like now. People from Hong Kong and around the world possess a rather “Chop Suey” identity, in which bits and pieces from different cultures shape a person’s unique sense of identity with no replica. 

Ghost Mountain Field, GOOD TIMES 好時代, Oil on canvas 114 x 100 cm, 2019

Ghost Mountain Field, GOOD TIMES 好時代, Oil on canvas 114 x 100 cm, 2019 

Ghost Mountain Field, Eight Horses 八駿圖 , Pencil on paper, 61 x 109 cm, 2019

Ghost Mountain Field, 1 Bamboo, Colour pencil on paper 57 x 42.5 cm, 2019 


About the Artist   

Ghost Mountain Field obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, University of London, majoring in Critical Study and Studio. He then received a Master of Fine Art in Painting and Sculpture from City and Guilds of London Art School in 2005. He currently works and lives in Taipei and Hong Kong. 
He has participated in gallery and museum shows in Europe and Asia. A variety of artistic media, including painting, drawings, installation, photography, and video are adopted in his works. The practice of Ghost Mountain Field is principally based on the idea of cultural identity by exploring different aspects that tie to his interest and experience within the contrast between Western influence and his Asian cultural heritage. 
His mural work and illustration work can be found in public spaces and magazines across Hong Kong, Bangkok, Dubai and Vancouver. Among the clients are award-winning restaurant Mott 32 and fashion label Blanc de Chine. 

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