Happy Together | Wing Shya
September 14, 2020

Wing Shya is a Master when it comes to capturing or amplifying particular human emotions and atmospheres. He pictures the tactile tension that exists between lovers: togetherness, intimacy or the hint of the erotic about to unfold. Or he frames the extreme opposite: the deep longing for love and connection, loneliness and isolation. Either way, there often is a sense of time being suspended. As if reality is slowing down and standing still in time.  There is a strong sense of waiting. Something dramatic is about to happen. 

This quality might stem from when he worked on film sets with Wong Kar Wai when he was only able to shoot seconds before or after scenes. The mood created in these moments, which Wing Shya managed to pin down so skillfully, became his signature style.

We have made a selection of prints from various projects spanning a career of over 20  years, ranging from stills of Wong Kar Wai movie sets, fashions commissions, photoshoots of celebrities and his own artistic adventures. 

2020 has been a year of isolation and times of bonding. People have been separated from their loved ones or forced to be together. In this emotionally challenging year we believe most of us can relate the core human feelings he so expertly expresses in his work.

'Happy Together' exhibition opening is part of the Central West Hong Kong launch of which Blue Lotus Gallery is a Participating Partner.

Exhibition opening reception: 24th September 2020 | Time: 4-7pm
Venue: Blue Lotus Gallery, G/F, 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan


About the artist
Wing Shya transmutes between film, art and fashion. Born in Hong Kong 1964, Shya returned to Hong Kong following his fine art studies at Emily Carr Institute in Canada and founded the award-winning design studio, Shya-la-la Workshop.

In 1997, appointed as the exclusive photographer and graphic designer for Wong Kar Wai; Shya began his collaboration with the renowned movie director, on Happy Together, continued then on In the Mood for Love, Eros and 2046. A now- recognized director himself, Shya began his venture in filmmaking by collaborating with musicians and artistes like Karen Mok, Jacky Cheung and Vanessa Mae on music videos. In Spring 2010, Shya debuted his block-buster movie, Hot Summer Days and continued to work on the sequel, Love in Space, released in Fall 2011.

Shya made his return to fine art in 2006. Invited by the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hill, Japan; Wing Shya was the first non-Japanese photographer to exhibit at the museum with his inaugural show, Distraction/Attraction. In 2007, he was selected to exhibit in In Fashion 07, curated by Marion de Beaupré at Art Basel Miami, and in October the same year, he had a solo exhibition, Jealousy, at Xintiandi, Shanghai. Shya also took part in China Design Now in 2008, which was exhibited at V&A Museum. In recent years, he has exhibited with Louise Alexander Gallery (Italy), +81 Gallery (Tokyo and New York) and Ooibotos Gallery (Hong Kong).

Wing Shya frequently contributes to numerous fashion and art magazines, including i-D (UK), Vogue Italia, 32c (Berlin), Numèro (France) and TIME Style and Design (US). His clientele includes Louis Vuitton, Maison Martin Margiela and many more. 


About the gallery
Blue Lotus Gallery, established in 2007, is a photography gallery with a strong focus on exploring Hong Kong culture and identity. The gallery offers an exquisite selection of books, limited edition and vintage prints on old and new Hong Kong by respected master photographers and emerging contemporary artists.

Blue Lotus represents Fan Ho and his estate exclusively worldwide and is the sole agent worldwide of Wing Shya. The gallery has also been instrumental to debuting artist's careers such as KC Kwan, Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze, Tugo Cheng and Marcel Heijnen who the gallery represents exclusively for the area of Hong Kong. The gallery is located in a quaint and quiet historical pocket on 28 Pound Lane, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.


About Central West Hong Kong
“Why don’t we start over?” - ‘Happy Together’ Dir, by Wong Kar Wai

In unprecedented times, we are bound to experience our lives in flux with unknowns and uncertainties waiting for us in the future; yet, it is exactly these moments that truly break down our boundaries and strive through hindrances with togetherness. In the art world, the global pandemic, on one hand, brings worries and apprehensions just like in other industries, on the other hand, more than ever, it is also an unstoppable force that drives all sectors as a community to collaborate in synergy. Throwing back to a saying that is recapped for a thousand times by the audience and by the young mind --”why don’t we start over?” Why don’t we once again meet the heart of the artists who are always by our side? Why don’t we follow their steps and maybe we shall find? To start over, to be happy together, tiptoe to the night in Central West Hong Kong on 24 September 2020 for an art walk through ups and downs, you may witness the most beautiful comeback of the year 2020. Participating art galleries will offer not only special exhibitions that feature different artistic pursuits, but also live performance one after another, in an attempt to bring in new life and new perspectives to the present moment.

Central West Hong Kong (CWHK), in collaboration with contemporary art galleries across Central Western district, is a synergic monthly event that showcases a plethora of both local and international artistic talents. With a tailored schedule of gallery programs and special events, such as artist talks, performance, engaging activities, audiences can hop from gallery to another and discover the diverse contemporary art scene. Central West Hong Kong, at the core, is a platform that facilitates collective flourishing between galleries, institutions, art lovers, artists, and curators; this self-initiative event brings momentous change to the Hong Kong art scene in the long term.


T: +852 6100 1295

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