October 16, 2020

HK Artist Spotlight, Presented by ART Power HK 

Igor Chan

Igor Chan Chun Hin, is a BA Fine Arts graduate from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, focusing on oil painting and installations. His works revolve around the conundrum of life, posing questions through materialized abstract concepts that deliberately leave the viewer to come to their own conclusions.  

Igor Chan, The Number You Have Dialed Is Currently Unavailable. Please Try Again Later., 2019, oil on canvas, 150 x 200 cm.

About the series
The HK Artist Spotlight Series presents video interviews that bring you insights and thoughts from some of Hong Kong's most exciting artists. Created in collaboration with ART Power HK Supporting Partner, Lime Content Studios, the series puts a spotlight on Hong Kong's artist community, listening to and sharing the thoughts of artists of widely varying ages, practices and perspectives. 

Tune in every Friday at 5pm to hear from our Hong Kong artist of the week, you can expect to hear them hone in on career highlights, future plans, impacts of COVID-19 on their work, and thoughts on the Hong Kong arts community as a whole. 

Follow Igor
Instagram: @igorcch


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