Holidays Greeting | 2020 In Review
January 4, 2021

2020 has certainly brought changes to our lives that none of us expected. As this turbulent year winds to a close, we would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you again in person in the new year when Alisan Fine Arts will be celebrating its 40th anniversary. To mark the special occasion, we will be holding six important exhibitions throughout the year to showcase the works of internationally acclaimed artists who have contributed in defining the gallery’s identity and success. The first exhibition, opening in January will feature the works of Walasse Ting, juxtaposed with good friend Sam Francis. The two very important modern artists share commonalities in their passion for the arts and the use of colour. Please stay tuned for more information.

Although the year was filled with much uncertainty, we are happy to announce a major acquisition of 7 Lui Shou Kwan paintings by the Hong Kong Museum of Art as well as 2 Ming Fay works from his Epoxy period by M+.  Furthermore, through the generous donation of the Fondation Ink Collection to the LA County Museum of Art, numerous artists represented by Alisan Fine Arts are now part of LACMA’s permanent collection.  They include: Irene Chou, Chu Ko, Chua Ek Kay, Michael Cherney, Fung Ming-chip, Hsiao Chin, Li Huasheng, Lui Shou-kwan, Shen Fan, T'ang Haywen, Wang Tiande, Wang Dongling, Wang Chuan, Wei Ligang, Wucius Wong, Yang Jiechang, Zhang Yirong, and Zhang Yu. Many of these works were purchased directly from Alisan Fine Arts over the years.

As many of you could not physically attend our exhibitions during the year, we have prepared a wrap of this year’s highlights for you to enjoy from the comforts of your own home. These consists of e-catalogues, talks via Zoom, studio visits and virtual tours on our Youtube channel, all of which were presented in conjunction with the exhibitions held in Alisan Central and Alisan Aberdeen.


2020 in Review
Alisan Central

Jan - Mar 2020

Asian Cultural Council Fellows: Second Annual Exhibition 2020
With artists Cai Wenyou, Ho Siu-kee, Isa Ho, Wucius Wong, and Mao Xuhui

To start off the year, the gallery held an exhibition to support Asian Cultural Council, a non-profit organisation founded by JD Rockefeller III to promote cross-cultural relationships through the arts, something that is needed more than ever during these difficult times.

An e-catalogue was also published in conjunction with the exhibition and please contact us for details. 


Mar - Jun 2020

Ineffable Garden - Zhang Jian-Jun and Barbara Edelstein

This joint exhibition featured the works of Chinese ink artist Zhang Jian-Jun and multi-media American artist Barbara Edelstein. With a focus on the garden, a traditional Chinese literati subject, the works reflected their personal interpretation of water and the natural elements around them.

During the 3-month long exhibition, a Webinar discussion with artists Zhang Jian-Jun and Barbara Edelstein together with gallery director Daphne King was held on May 27th, co-organised with the New York University Alumni Club in Hong Kong. To see the whole video, please visit

An e-catalogue was also published in conjunction with the exhibition and please contact us for details. For virtual tour, please visit


Jun - Sep 2020

Uniquely Hong Kong - A Celebration of Hong Kong Art

As a response to the current Covid -19 situation, Gallery Director Daphne King curated an exhibition in support of the local art community by showcasing the works of 28 Hong Kong artists spanning several generations from the 1920s to now. This exhibition highlighted the diversity and talent of these individuals, bringing attention and thought to what defines a Hong Kong artist.
In conjunction with the exhibition, an e-catalogue and a series of talks were organised between artists and scholars and please contact us for details. For virtual tour, please visit


Talks held in conjuntion with the exhibition:

The Development of Hong Kong Art
Moderated by Gallery Director Daphne King, speakers include artists Choi Yan-chi, Chui Tze-hung, Fung Ming-chip, Ling Pui-sze, and art historian Catherine Maudsley. They discussed how the changes in Hong Kong’s social, cultural, and economic environment have affected their practice. In particular, they addressed how these changes helped or hindered the development of Hong Kong art over the last half of the century. 

Please visit

What Defines Hong Kong Art
We were pleased to have four speakers from different fields in the art industry partaking in this talk: William Lim, renowned Hong Kong architect, art collector, and artist; Elaine Ng, Editor of Art Asia Pacific Magazine; Carmen Shek Cerne, Head of Sale and Senior Specialist on Chinese Paintings from Christie’s; and Alexander Seno, Art Critic and Head of Development at Asia Art Archive, who was the moderator of the discussion. Each speaker shed light on how their experiences with Hong Kong’s art industry have influenced and shaped their understanding of Hong Kong art.

Please visit

Made in Hong Kong 
This discussion, held in conjunction with The Chinese University of Hong Kong, addressed the question of what it means to be a Hong Kong artist through the reflection of the place. Moderated by Josh Yiu, Director of Art Museum CUHK, the panel of speakers included three artists from three different generations: Kan Tai-keung, Hung Hoi, and Cheuk Ka-wai, Cherie. They explored how the physical environment of Hong Kong has shaped their practices and contributed to their artistic identity. 

Please visit

Hong Kong Women Artists: Beyond the Stereotype
This discussion highlights the creativity, diversity, achievements, and success of four outstanding Hong Kong artists representing several generations. They include Li Wei-han Rosanna, Nancy Chu Woo, Winnie Mak, and Hui Hoi-kiu Angel. Moderated by Michelle Wong, scholar and former researcher at Asia Art Archive. Together they discussed the following three topics: what it means to be a woman artist, if there is “feminine art” and why most of the well-known artists are men.

Please visit

Artist Spotlight Videos

In conjunction with the exhibition, two videos highlighting exhibited artists were produced. The first one presents a studio visit with Kassia Ko where she talks about the creative ideas behind her dreamy black & white landscape paintings.   

The second video focuses on the life and works of late Hong Kong artist Hon Chi-fun.   


Current Exhibition
Oct - Jan 2020

Wei Ligang: Silent Mountains, Meandering Rivers 

This exhibition showcases fifteen of Wei`s recent works with a focus on his iconic calligraphy paintings where he continues to explore abstraction through the use of his unconventional Chinese calligraphic script.
An e-catalogue has also been published in conjunction with the exhibition please contact us for information. The exhibition will run till Jan 9th. For virtual tour, please visit

A Zoom conversation with the artist Wei Ligang was held in the gallery. Co-hosted by Asian Cultural Council, the event also showcased three musicians and a dancer, offering an immersive artistic performance.  


Alisan Aberdeen

Apr - Jul 2020

Contemporary Forms of Ink Painting 
With artists Kum Chi-keung, Lan Zhenghui, Nan Qi, Walasse Ting, Zhang Yirong, Zhang Yu, Michael Cherney

While rooted in ink tradition, these artists strive to reinvent traditional ink art, be it through the use of innovative media, choice of subject matter, presentation, or composition. An e-catalogue was published in conjunction with the exhibition and please contact us for more information. For virtual tour, please visit

During the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association’s inaugural edition of Southside Saturday, we held a reading of Walasse Ting`s poems in front of Ting’s  paintings.

Aug - Nov 2020

Synchronicity - Award Wining Landscape Photography by Stephen King 

The exhibition featured King’s recent photographs of Hong Kong alongside his award-winning landscape images. It explores the synchronicity between King’s natural and urban landscapes and seeks to highlight the subtle commonalities found in King’s compositions, shapes, and use of light.

During a meet & greet with photographer Stephen King, he discussed how he mimics the painterly qualities in his works by using light, shape, and composition in his award-winning "Remarkables Morning" and "Braemar Hill Sunset" photos.


Current Exhibition

Dec 2020 - Feb 2021

With artists Michael Cherney, Lee Chun-yi, Wang Tiande, Zhang Yu

This group exhibition features four internationally renowned artists whose practices revolutionize contemporary ink painting with the use of various tools and media. An e-catalogue has also been published in conjunction with the exhibition. Please contact us for more information.

For virtual tour, please visit


Artist Highlight
As we look forward to celebrating the gallery’s 40th next year, we began looking back on the history of the gallery this year by sharing a series of well-researched articles focusing on iconic moments in Alisan`s history. The articles present archival material as well as highlight the relationships between the various artists and the exhibitions we have held for them, including Walasse Ting, Fang Zhaoling, Lui Shou-kwan and Wei Ligang. 



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