New Moon Publishing
March 26, 2020

New Moon Publishing is a publication project that unfolds over twelve months. Initiated by artist Verina Gfader, it explores calendar time as a representation of the physio-temporal relations between the earth and the sun, as well as the earth and the moon. Each contribution will only be available for seven days following each new moon date in 2020, featuring pieces by Anjeline de Dios, Cédric Maridet, Susanna Chung, Wing Chan, Michelle Wong, Elysa Wendi, David Leung, Alice Teng, Morgan Wong, Wilson Chik, John Tain, and Özge Ersoy. The publication is the culmination of Verina Gfader’s residency at Asia Art Archive in 2017. 

Visit this page during the new moon phase of each month to explore the project:

24–30 March: Susanna Chung
23–29 April: Wing Chan
23–29 May: Michelle Wong
21–27 June: Elysa Wendi
21–27 July: David Leung
19–25 August: Alice Teng
17–23 September: Morgan Wong
17–23 October: Wilson Chik
15–20 November: John Tain
15–21 December: Özge Ersoy

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