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Online Art Lecture Series | The Development of Hong Kong Art by Alisan Fine Arts
July 14, 2020

Online Art Lecture Series |  Digital lectures and talks exploring Asia’s cultural heritage, the history of art in the region and contemporary Asian art

Supported by Alisan Fine Arts

Title: The Development of Hong Kong Art
Daphne King, Gallery Director, Alisan Fine Arts
Speakers: Catherine Maudsley, art historian, artists Chui Tze-hung, Choi Yan-chi, Fung Ming-chip and CC Ling Pui-sze.

Alisan is pleased to present a series of talks to be held at the gallery throughout the summer months to complement our latest exhibition Uniquely Hong Kong - A Celebration of Hong Kong Art. The first talk we focus on the development of HK Art from the 1950s to the present day.

With Hong Kong’s rich historical background as its backdrop, the lively exhibition Uniquely Hong Kong - A Celebration of Hong Kong Art showcases the work of 28 Hong Kong artists spanning almost a century. With over 70 works displayed, the exhibition highlights the diversity and talent of Hong Kong artists, while drawing attention to and reflecting on the definition of Hong Kong art.

Moderated by Gallery Director, Daphne King the speakers include a selection of artists across generations and art historian Catherine Maudsley. They discussed how the changes in Hong Kong’s social, cultural, and economic environment have affected their practice. In particular, they addressed how these changes helped or hindered the development of Hong Kong art over the last half of the century.

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