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May 22, 2020

During quarantine, Chen Fei filmed a typical day in his home studio in Beijing as part of Perrotin’s #Unlocked digital series. To Chen, life goes on through work and everyday tasks.

His home is a place for both inspiration and refuge. "I’ve got terrible self-discipline and am often susceptible to distractions, so when I lived in the city, where everything is within reach, it really affected my work," says Chen, who has been in his current spot for almost six years. "I felt I had to erect some sort of physical barrier for myself, in a further area where people don’t seem to want to be friends with me. That way I can focus on my work and my daily routine and nothing else."

The sense of isolation is represented through Chen's new works. "I want to challenge painting as it stands by returning the medium to its simpler manifestation," he explains. "My new body of work focuses on still life, although it’s impossible in the current climate, and as an artist now, to paint only in this genre. I incorporate my thoughts about the present times in my works to get at the heart of my sense of cultural belonging."

In his favorite room in the house, the living room, Chen has prioritized appearance over utility. "I’m fine with things that look better than they are useful," he says. "I think the green couch in the study belongs to a Japanese brand, and the chairs are all eclectic, so a mix of antique chairs from Taobao and new designer items. I’m an avid collector and have way too many things, but I really enjoy displaying my eclectic collection. It adds layer to the space."

To learn more about Chen Fei’s latest body of work, watch this interview filmed on the occasion of the opening of Reunion, his first solo exhibition at Perrotin’s New York gallery and in the US. 

For more digital offerings from Perrotin’s #Unlocked series, visit our website and social media channels.

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WeChat: @贝浩登 Perrotin

Interview taken from “Chen Fei's Home Is a Super Collector's Lair” by Zoë Sessums, published in September 2019 on Architectural Digest

Video courtesy of Chen Fei and Perrotin.



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