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ART Power HK Talk 13 | Does Art have therapeutic benefits?
July 24, 2020

ART Power HK Online Talk Programme
Talk 13: Does Art have therapeutic benefits?
Language: English
Moderator: Vivienne Chow, Arts writer
Speakers: Mimi Tung, Head of Programme Design and Lead Art Therapist, The Sovereign Art Foundation, Grace Cheng, Director, Art in Hospital, Kurt Chan, Acting Director, Hong Kong Art School

This conversation digs deep into the therapeutic benefits of art, art education and art outreach programmes to discuss why society across all sectors and ages benefits from access to creativity. Arguably important now more than ever, the talk explores how the healing power of art can be bought into people’s lives and homes on an accessible and everyday basis.


“When we were trying to encourage people to do art, one of the major thing we want to encourage is to create something out of nothing, that is the creativity......and this is what our situation is, we are limited and bounded (at home) right now, that is like a metaphor how we are coping with our limitation, and a kind of mental growth,” – Mimi Tung, Head of Programme Design and Lead Art Therapist, The Sovereign Art Foundation

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