AaaM Architects

Who We Are

AaaM Architects (abbreviated from Architecture as a Medium), is an international award-winning design and research studio found in 2015 by 3 Hong Kong architects. They believe in architecture’s power as a medium which all walks of life can engage and interact in everyday life.

They are very active in Hong Kong and have numerous built works and ongoing projects in both Southeast Asia and Greater China region. The studio has gained international recognition and was invited as speaker or exhibitor by many global design events. They have won a number of awards including Design for Asia Award, K-Design Award, Singapore Design Award, Successful Design Award, Japan Sky Design Award, Japan Good Design Award - Best 100, etc. and was one of the winners of “Perspective 40 under 40” in 2018.

What We Do

Apart from taking on master planning, architecture design, interior design, installation and public art projects, AaaM Architects has been curating creative education programme for children in nurturing future generation. They regularly engage with different media as curator and columnist on both online & paper media platforms. 

Contact Us

T : +852 3620 3585

F : +852 3620 3587

A : S501, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

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