Who We Are

NORN - the AI-powered robot that paints. NORN uses paints, canvases, and brushes, just like the rest of us, to create his works of art. This talented robot was the invention of two data scientists from Moscow and Altai, Russia.

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What We Do

NORN style of painting was designed as something distant from photographic repeating. The creators named it neuroimpressionism. The idea of neuroimpressionism is to identify the main thing through artificial intelligence perception, not a human perception - mood, energy, and reflect them on canvas with brushstroke form and colors.

It would be the first of its kind in the market at the time - a robot that was painting pictures in a neuroimpressionism style. It's capable of creating a painting on a canvas using traditional equipment like brushes and paint.

An image or sketch is fed into the robot by the neural network. It then uses a paintbrush fixed to it to create creative and unique works of art on canvas.

The best part about NORN is that it uses the same traditional tools that you and I would use for a painting.

It's not perfect. As you can imagine, the robot still doesn't have the ability and freedom a human artist does. The movement angles for example are limited in comparison to a human. But after careful adjustments to the controls and parameters, the resulting paintings left the creators amazed.

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Contact Us

Nikolay Gavrilin, tel. +7 926 583 89 41, telegram @ NP2902

Anna Mishchenko, tel. +7 903 551 97 48, telegram @draglaborga


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