Crafts on Peel

Who We Are

Located in a historic building in the heart of Hong Kong, Crafts on Peel is a not-for-profit creative and experiential venue. Aspired to preserve and perpetuate traditional craftsmanship, Crafts on Peel serves as a collaborative platform – through thematic exhibitions, workshops, Artisan-in-Residence program and experiential retail platform – to create a sustainable ecosystem for traditional craftsmen and contemporary artisans from diferent regions, to enhance our appreciation of craftsmanship, and to celebrate
our cultural heritage and collective identity.


What We Do

With the economic and social restructuring that took place in Hong Kong in the past decades, many traditional trades and craftsmanships have become obsolete. Traditional craftsmen have turned into “sunset survivors”, and their skills are at risk of dying out. There is an imminent need to preserve and document our cultural legacies before they become extinct.

Crafts on Peel strives to revive, reinterpret and perpetuate traditional craftsmanship by fostering collaboration between traditional craftsmen and contemporary artisans through apprenticeship and exchange of techniques, with the aim of nurturing the younger generation to incorporate the traditional skills into innovative contemporary designs, to breathe new life into traditional craft so that the values of traditional craftsmanship can be integrated to our times.

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