Design Trust

Who We Are

Design Trust was established in 2014 by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design, a registered charity in Hong Kong since 2007, as a grant funding platform. Design Trust supports creative projects that develop expertise, build research initiatives and content related to Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. Working across a multiplicity of design disciplines from graphics, media, architecture to the built environment, Design Trust aims to actively accelerate creative research, design and development of meaningful projects that advocate for the positive role of design.

What We Do

Support thought-provoking investigations in various design disciplines from graphics, media, wearable technologies and architecture to the built environment; and actively aim to accelerate creative design and research development of meaningful projects.


Design Assembly & Dialogues
Curated events with visionary participants examining critical contemporary topics of relevance that make positive change to the design of our environment. These include invitation only dialogues with stakeholders, influencers and panel of advisors. These intimate settings foster a community ofexchange relating to the most advanced debates and trends in design.


Engaging the Community & Public Events
These community events are formatted as a series of public lectures, design installations, and interactive symposium to present Design Trust grant recipients, their research and findings that our funding enabled. The events, including recent programme Design Trust Futures Studio, aim to encourage interaction, exchange and discussion on a public outreach level.

Contact Us 

Tel: +852 2739 6889

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