Who We Are

Duddell’s is a cultural and social destination created for people who have an active appreciation of the arts. It is neither museum nor gallery, but an inspiring backdrop against which ideas are shared and developed, connecting art and people in a new way. With interiors as noteworthy as the art on its walls, entering Duddell’s feels like being welcomed into the home of a great art collector – one that also happens to have an in-house Michelin-starred Cantonese chef, a lush Garden Terrace, and sophisticated salon with artisanal cocktails and vintage champagne.

What We Do

Open to all art enthusiasts, Duddell’s features a year-round art programme spearheaded by cultural leaders. The programme includes world class exhibitions curated by prominent art personalities as well as a continuous series of art talks, performances, film screenings and other events by Hong Kong’s cultural innovators.

Contact Us

info@duddells.co +852 2525 9191

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