Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Who We Are

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum (HKMM) is an independent, non-profit registered charity supported by the shipping industry, the business community, private individuals and the Hong Kong SAR Government. HKMM tells the story of trade and maritime history in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, and the vital roles ships and the sea play in our past, present and future. HKMM opened its door to the public at Murray House in Stanley in 2005 and relocated to Central Pier No. 8 in 2013. Today HKMM displays about 1,000 objects in 15 galleries, attracting about 130,000 visitors annually.

What We Do

This exciting and innovative attraction includes semi-permanent and special exhibitions, dynamic displays, educational events and a Museum Shop. Here you will see how China, Asia and the West have contributed through the ages to the development of boats, ships, maritime exploration and trade, and naval warfare. While the Museum concentrates on the South China coast and its adjacent seas, it also covers global trends and provides a comprehensive account of Hong Kong's growth and development as a major world port and top maritime centre.

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