Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong

Who We Are

The Korean Cultural Centers over the globe play a role as outposts to promote Korean culture across the globe by providing a variety of special programmes for local residents to experience Korean culture first hand. Korean Cultural Centre in Hong Kong located at PMQ, established in January 2018 as the 32nd Korean Cultural Center worldwide. They have provided opportunities the public to embrace the Korean culture, namely Festive Korea, an annual Korean culture mega-festival. They also provide various programmes in the center such as Art Exhibition, Performing Arts, Korean Language Class and other workshops on a regular basis.

What We Do

Launched in 2011, Festive Korea, the annual 2-month-long Korean cultural mega-festival held in October and November, is the biggest and Korean feast in Hong Kong, aiming to heighten the appreciation and enjoyment of Korean arts and culture by presenting an impressive cultural experience to the Hong Kong audience.

-Art Exhibition, Artist & Curator's Talk

-Concert, Dance performance, and K-pop Academy

-Korean Language and Cultural Course

-K-Food Cooking Class and Workshop

-K-Beauty Class

-K-Film Screening

-Korean Library

Contact Us

Telephone : (+852)2270-3500

Fax : (+852)2271-0370

E-Mail : kcc.hongkong@gmail.com 

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