Red T Group

Who We Are

We are an art consultancy of innovative and passionate art lovers with an aversion to the inefficient and wasteful.

What We Do

We find sophisticated and responsible solutions to any art conundrums.  We innovate how consumers access art work and look at how to integrate responsible practices into the procurement and production of art for individuals and large commercial concepts. 

Our latest innovation; Red T Multiples is a digital platform for the customization of fine art.  Increasing efficiency in how individuals and commercial projects access bespoke printed art work, sometimes at volume.  It is also an entirely new channel for artists to generate revenue from the work they have already produced.  

We are currently developing a zero waste canvas and a circular procurement model for hospitality, which we will integrate into our Red T Multiples platform as soon as it's ready. 





Contact Us

WhatsApp: +852 9710 6176

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