New Haven Green & i Documentary
March 26, 2020

New Haven Green & i

New Haven Green & i is a documentary following local artist and current member of 1a space’s Curatorial Panel, Debe Shum’s public art project in New Haven. Through artist-led teaching and learning workshops, New Haven youngsters and Debe built up an imagined amusement park for the locals, based on the history and culture in the New Haven Green. Through this video you can explore new possibilities for playful sculpture in the heart of the city created by Debe and the children she worked with. 

Check out the followings videos to know more about her art journey: 
- New Haven Green & i - public and community art project 2017

-Debe Sham Yale Fellowship Sharing

-Debe Sham at New Haven Pop Ups Festival

If you are interested to see more please contact for more details.

New Haven Green & i was funded by Yale China Association , New York Hong Kong Economic and trade office and Yale University.

In October 2018, 1a space presented Mat6 Gwai1 Yun4 Jyu2 – A Solo Exhibition by Debe Sham to showcase the artist ‘s residency and research experience at Yale University, USA, with Hong Kong audiences. To see more: 

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