July 17, 2020

1a space proudly presents REDUX- A group exhibition by the Hong Kong Art School/RMIT University Master of Fine Art 2020 Graduates Exhibition. 

Lockdown. 2020 is a year of lockdown. Travel is suspended. Face-to-face interaction is suspended. Daily activity is suspended. Humankinds are suspended in a particular vacuum of space and time. Artistic activity, however, is not and could not be so. We are suspended in our own concepts of space and time and, through that, to contemplate our own existence. Solitude, solidarity and contemplation. Artists often manifest these concepts through their works. In the time of lockdown and solitude, we bring together five very different artistic souls to 1a space at the Cattle Depot Artist Village. Redux. To bring together, to bring back, to revive and activate the souls, the space and the seeing. These keywords connect the curatorial concept and the exhibits and help us witnessing what this particular time means to these artists through their works.

REDUX presents five emerging visual artists from various cultural backgrounds across different geographical destinations; whereas Hong Kong is the melting pot for these artists to congregate and co-create new sets of languages of objecthood, imagery, sound and space for our viewers to contemplate. The works presented in the exhibition deal with a multitude of concepts and ideas including performative self and identity, entropic disorder and alchemy, traveling through image and sound, home and dislocation, and woman-made nature. These concepts and ideas seem disperse and distant and yet they all bring together a transformative process and/or outcome in the work, to the artist, and for the audience. 

The exhibition begins with a staged and digitally manipulated photography work by Gwan Tung Dorothy Lau (Australia, Hong Kong) that accentuates a sense of surrealism through performance and exposure. The work boldly questions the idea of a singular and stable 'self' through repetition and reinterpretation. Walking into the gallery we encounter a set of ceramics work by Karen Wong (Hong Kong) that explores the alchemy of organic and inorganic substance from the kiln. The coral-like and flamboyant ceramics objects quietly await our attention to dispel the artistic-scientific treatment of clay and everyday life and household products that reaches an entropic disorder existence. Brian Smeets (USA) employs photographic image and sound to narrate travelogues of purely experiential nature. The works interestingly escape what tourists would be stimulated – the seeing, the hearing and the encounters; and through the lens and the microphone an abstracted way of traveling is presented. The cyanotype fabric tent that Louise Folliott (UK, South Africa) presented is a visual diary of her lockdown life in Southwest London. Employing an almost primitive photographic printing technique, the Sun Print, does not forbid us seeing the melancholy of days and weeks of constraint daily activity. The monotonous ticking sound created by a metronome expands the spatial and aural dimensions of the work and personal experience. The exhibition is concluded by a woman-made nature by Cordelia Tam (Hong Kong). Composed by paper pulp and Chinese ink, the work obscures the boundaries of spatial dimension and material; a three-dimensional ink wash landscape 'painting'/installation is found.


▎Exhibition  ▎
Exhibition Opening: 10th July 2020, 6pm
Exhibition: 10th – 30th July 2020 (Due to COVID-19, the Cattle Depot Artist Village is temporarily closed until further notice)
Time: Tuesdays to Sundays 11 am – 7 pm; closed on MondaysAddress: 1a space 
Unit 14, Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road, 
To Kwa Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Enquiry: 25290087/

▎Public Programmes ▎

Artists-led Guided Tour
Due to COVID-19, the programme will be rescheduled. Please refer to 1a facebook page for the most updated arrangement. 
Language: English and Cantonese 

Artist Talk 
Due to COVID-19, the programme will be rescheduled. Please refer to 1a facebook page for the most updated arrangement. 
Language: English and Cantonese

Please visit the Facebook page of the exhibition for more details. 

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